Repair Hard Working Hands Fast

Dry and callous-ridden hands caused by repeated washings, prolonged use of latex gloves, chemicals, solvents, glues, cleansers and contact with other allergens and irritants can be uncomfortable. DU’IT functioning cream for hands provides a non-greasy protective barrier to repair hard working hands fast and to restore the youth back to your hands.


Fix Dry, Rough, Chapped, Irritated, Calloused & Cracked Feet in Just 5 Days!

Cracked heels, caused by dry skin, obesity, poorly fitting shoes or standing for long period of time, can be unsightly and embarrassing. Now, putting your best foot forward is no longer a chore with these dermatologically tested and clinically proven foot care products from DU’IT.


An Australian brand whose local and international success is based on the range’s extraordinary efficacy and skin repair capabilities for dry to very dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Tough Hands - DU'IT

Harnessing the power of dermatological science and nature

The DU’IT brand includes a range of skinceutical products covering the hands, body, face, feet and baby care range. DU’IT’s solid presence is based on the strength and overwhelming success the Dry Skin Repair range.

Recognised for their exceptional repairing abilities, DU’IT products are used extensively within the health care environment, medical, hospitals, professional, beauty and pharmacy fields.

DU’IT products always maintain the highest quality and design standards thus satisfying the demand of customers and professionals. It has gained an international reputation with export sales exceeding 8 million units over the past 11 years.


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